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Beacon of Creation

Jun 1, 2022

Tim and Markus go through your submissions to the Name Inverter challenge! We read, behold, channel and traverse a baker's dozen of piping hot cards. 

You may submit a card to our new When Pigs Fly challenge on Discord:

May 25, 2022

Juliet and Kayiu have seen exciting sets under the auspices of Old, New, and Borrowed, so today they check out Something Blue with the Deep Blue Cube by Timespiraled! While there they discuss the fundamental nature of color, rarity, and draft archetypes, and debate how good Delusions of Mediocrity can be in a world of...

May 21, 2022

As our Lorado episode this week was wrapping up, shadowcentaur kept reading the spoiler and having great memories of making the set. Not quite enough for a whole extra episode, but fun to hear.

Not all the card text is covered so you may want to have the set spoiler available for reference:

Apr 6, 2022

It's fool or be fooled for Tim and Markus as they review your submissions to the April Fools challenge! This part covers these submissions:

- kuyashiiPlays
- BoofTroupe
- Dillon
- Tahanu
- underFlorence
- Thesixthroc
- MonoWhiteBorder

Future eps reviewing the rest of the challenge come soon!

Submit your card to our May...

Apr 7, 2021

Welcome to chapter five of Design Rush, a quick-on-your-feet Magic card design showcase!

This episode's contestants are Kayiu & Markus!

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