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Beacon of Creation

Dec 18, 2019

Bradley and Tim invite early Castmire star Markus Leben, AKA @Mark_Confidant, to discuss the second batch of design challenges!

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2:58 DC4 - "Where Am I?"

31:36 DC5 - "Who is That?"

1:04:32 DC6 - "What is This?"

1:28:28 - Next Week's Design Challenges

Dec 11, 2019

We discuss all the hot topics from Castmire's relaunch and review entries for the first three design challenges!

3:54 Castmire Hot Topics

17:51 DC1 - "Common Sense" Discussion

35:57 DC2 - "Uncommon Goods" Discussion

56:05 DC3 - "Rare Character" Discussion

1:19:02 New Design Challenges:

DC4 - "Where Am I?" - Make a card...

Dec 4, 2019

Castmire, the custom set born along with Beacon of Creation, returns! We invite Trevor Cashmore, the number one Castmire fan, on the podcast to talk about all the sweet new stuff planned for the set's relaunch!

DC1: "Common Sense" - Make a common card that could show up on Castmire, but not other plane in Magic.