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A show about design in Magic: the Gathering. Each week we cover both official cards and custom cards made by the community. The weekly design challenge gives you the opportunity to make it on the show! Hosted by Tim, Juliet, Kayiu and Markus, with guests!

Nov 30, 2022

We've got the URge to ZA this week with your design challenge submissions!

Listen in for scraps, warships, living robots, babies, lectures, expansions, walls, windows, and failures. Second half of the submissions coming this weekend!

Submit your entry for the new design challenge in our Discord:

Nov 23, 2022

What could you learn from just a pack? This week we put aside anything we know about AVR and look at what one pack tells us. What are the themes and what does the gameplay look like?

Tell us what packs you want to see on our Discord:

Jaunty music from...

Nov 16, 2022

We've got a great new tribute set Legacies of Tarkir on the pod this week! Creator Fblthp is here to help us break down their classic take on Tarkir.

Full Set: 

Say hi to Fblthp and jump into our new Design League on our Discord:

Nov 9, 2022

Tentacles! Branches! Hooks! Bows! Armor! Turtle Power! Mr Fantastic! Pumpkins without the hyphen! Devils! Mogwai!

We've got it all in the second half of the Pump-kin challenge review. Your best and funniest Halloween cards in a battle to the death!

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Nov 4, 2022

We've got a card to preview for you for Spellslinger's upcoming Helvault Unsealed set! See if you can guess it, then let's think through all the decks and slingers it combos with! Wobbles leads the discussion and makes sure we have all the best info.

This ep is good for newbies to SS as well. That game engine is just...