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Beacon of Creation

Jan 19, 2022

Markus aka Mark Confidant aka Blonde Bob aka the Colorado Rocket Launcher joins up to help review your submissions for Design Challenge: New Year's Resolutions. This ep goes HEAVY, not just on the card ideas but also the potential of all these Alchemy mechanics!

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Jan 12, 2022

The Scholar of Segue joins the pod this week to talk through game design goals for 2022. We talk about all phases of making games, from testing to layout to printing!

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Jan 5, 2022

New Year, new stuff!! Adam and Tim make some guesses on the 2022 Magic release slate, then choose sides on a bunch of predictions! Check our twitter and vote for who you agree with:  @magicdesigncast

Dec 29, 2021

Our wave of Build a Guild content crests with a big discussion with "the Guildmaster" Kayiu!

We promise we will eventually release non-Guild content in the new year! :) See you then!!!


Dec 22, 2021

Our Build a Guild challenge got so big we filled almost a month! We review the last crop of submissions. I hope you enjoy!

MonoWhiteBorder - GW - Exile Matters

James Gover - UG - untap ramp and syncs

Perryk - BG - 5 Color Ramp

Brad - UR - "Put Cards on the Bottom of your Library"

Wobbles - RW - Lands Fall Apart

Kayiu -...