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Beacon of Creation

Feb 19, 2020

New to the podcast or new to custom Magic cards? This episode is designed to get you up to speed! Juliet Louis joins us to help describe what it's like to make your own Magic card sets. We also introduce you to Castmire, the spooky mansion plane.

DC19 “Suit Up” - A common blue creature that cares...

Feb 12, 2020

Bradley grills Tim about his Magic-packed weekend, talking about a wide variety of Magic formats. Then the two hosts discuss cards themed around The Exit and a bunch of super-funny cards referencing real world characters.

No design challenges this week to make room for a big Castmire recap next week!


Feb 5, 2020

Continuing our march to fill up Castmire with sweet cards, we talk about some haunted house tropes and dive into some sweet challenges!

Design challenges, due Feb 10th, 6pm PT:

DC17 "Exit Strategy" - An uncommon showing someone looking for The Exit.
DC18 "Referential Treatment” - A card that directly references...

Jan 29, 2020

The original Goblin King, Jay Zeffren, stops by to talk about GoblinGame and review a bunch of design challenges!

Design challenges, due Feb 3rd, 6pm PT:

DC15: "Resonance Theory" - A common showing off a haunted house trope. Such as:
DC16: “Goblin King in...

Jan 22, 2020

We talk villains and review villain and signpost cards! And what is that shadow gathering among us...

Design challenges, due Jan 27th, 6pm PT:

DC13: "Lord's Command" - Design a white card that is strong in commander.
DC14: "Commoner's Disobedience" - Design a black card that is strong in pauper.

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