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Beacon of Creation

Jul 8, 2020

Bradley and Tim review your sweet Castmire Jumpstart pack lists, review the new cards, and give our impressions of Jumpstart as a playtest strategy. 

DC 43 - Describe the Suspect - Identify one or two cards in the current Castmire set file that needs one or more changes. Describe what should be changed and why without...

Jul 4, 2020

Bradley and Tim discuss the development of a new mechanic for Tim's Planeswalkers-as-Commanders-in-Limited set, "Contenders".

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1:17 Contenders intro
4:04 Mercenaries mechanics and flavor
10:42 Counters in Contenders
13:50 Reinforce
16:15 Bloodrush

Jul 2, 2020

Bradley and Tim discuss your pitches for color pair archetypes in Castmire to think about ahead of Milestone 3.

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Jun 27, 2020

For his fourth return to Beacon of Creation, guest host Rob (AlchemyPrime) joins Bradley and Tim to discuss the Jumpstart format and some card highlights from the set.

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Jun 24, 2020

Famed G-host Juliet joins the cast to talk us through some more issues facing WotC lately and how the podcast could respond. Then we jump into DC40's off-color activation cards, which have some wild technology going on.

DC41 - (stephen fry voice) Themes - Suggest a color pair's draft theme/subthemes, with up to 60 words...