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Beacon of Creation

Dec 29, 2021

Our wave of Build a Guild content crests with a big discussion with "the Guildmaster" Kayiu!

We promise we will eventually release non-Guild content in the new year! :) See you then!!!


Dec 22, 2021

Our Build a Guild challenge got so big we filled almost a month! We review the last crop of submissions. I hope you enjoy!

MonoWhiteBorder - GW - Exile Matters

James Gover - UG - untap ramp and syncs

Perryk - BG - 5 Color Ramp

Brad - UR - "Put Cards on the Bottom of your Library"

Wobbles - RW - Lands Fall Apart

Kayiu -...

Dec 15, 2021

The dark middle chapter of our Build a Guild challenge! We got so many we made three eps of it. This ep has:

Justnigel - RW Nostalgic Hero

Leem - RG - Green Red Dragons.

Romacchino13 - UB - Return to Hand And Discard

Craftedlavaistrue - UB - saboteur matters

C2H6 - RB - Cheap (Low MV) Reanimation

Bonus Kayiu - BR -...

Dec 8, 2021

Our Build a Guild challenge, full of your super sweet archetype ideas, gets reviewed! We got so many we're splitting it into three eps. This ep has:

MBTree - BG - Deathtouch + Morbid

Juliet - RW - “1 Damage” Matters

Larcent - UB - Artifact Scavengers

Ian - WU - Aura Value

Dillon  BW  "not quite there" legend buff

Dec 1, 2021

With Adam out, MonoWhiteBorder AKA Peter jumps on to Make it More Magical! 


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