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A show about design in Magic: the Gathering. Each week we cover both official cards and custom cards made by the community. The weekly design challenge gives you the opportunity to make it on the show! Hosted by Tim, Juliet, Kayiu and Markus, with guests!

Sep 22, 2021

Mono-White aficionado MonoWhiteBorder joins us to brew a Commander precon!

New Design Challenge:

Submit one existing card and design one new card that fits with Good Bones:
"Good Bones" Hauzer 1W
Legendary Creature - Skeleton
You can't cast blue, black, red, or green spells.
Doors you control have "T: Add W, U, B, R, or G."
If a creature you control would die, you may turn it face down instead. It's a colorless Door land with "T: Add C".
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