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A show about design in Magic: the Gathering. Each week we cover both official cards and custom cards made by the community. The weekly design challenge gives you the opportunity to make it on the show! Hosted by Tim, Juliet, Kayiu and Markus, with guests!

Aug 19, 2020

This week we're reviewing our Housecleaning challenge submissions. It's time to fix all the little problems with Castmire! Every room will be sparkling by the time you finish listening.

Next Week's Challenge:

DC 48 - "Who Could Have Done This" - Design a flavorful or trope-y Murder Mystery card, which depicts neither the act of murder nor the murderer as the sole subject of the card. The main criteria of the challenge is the connection between the mechanics and the ability for the reader to recognize something familiar in the story of the card, even without knowing Castmire specifically.

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