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A show about design in Magic: the Gathering. Each week we cover both official cards and custom cards made by the community. The weekly design challenge gives you the opportunity to make it on the show! Hosted by Tim, Juliet, Kayiu and Markus, with guests!

Jan 29, 2020

The original Goblin King, Jay Zeffren, stops by to talk about GoblinGame and review a bunch of design challenges!

Design challenges, due Feb 3rd, 6pm PT:

DC15: "Resonance Theory" - A common showing off a haunted house trope. Such as:
DC16: “Goblin King in...

Jan 22, 2020

We talk villains and review villain and signpost cards! And what is that shadow gathering among us...

Design challenges, due Jan 27th, 6pm PT:

DC13: "Lord's Command" - Design a white card that is strong in commander.
DC14: "Commoner's Disobedience" - Design a black card that is strong in pauper.

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Jan 15, 2020

Larcent joins the podcast to discuss Theros: Beyond Death!

Design challenges, due Jan 20th, 6pm:

DC11: "Nefarious Plan" - A legendary monocolored villain and their signature spell.
DC12: "Sign Language" - An uncommon multicolored draft signpost card.

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Jan 8, 2020

Adam, Bradley and Tim each bring a cycle to talk about and then review DC10, which is about haunting cycles in Castmire.

No design challenge this week. We're saving lots of time to talk about Theros: Beyond Death next week!

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Jan 1, 2020

Ada, Bradley and Tim ring in the new year with three more Castmire challenges. 

Next week's design challenge is: DC10 - “Spin Cycle” Make a cycle of commons with a haunting theme.

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