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A show about design in Magic: the Gathering. Each week we cover both official cards and custom cards made by the community. The weekly design challenge gives you the opportunity to make it on the show! Hosted by Tim, Juliet, Kayiu and Markus, with guests!

Dec 28, 2022

Design League contestants Juliet and MonoWhiteBorder take over the pod and talk through how they came up with their cards.

The challenges for reference:

Card A: Submit a non-white, mono-colored card with the Ancestor mechanic to represent The New Age. (We will be using the Ancestor mechanic as written in Courageous Commander.)

Cards B and C: (One of the following cards must include a returning mechanic from retail Magic.)

Submit a card to represent an “Old Believer” that has a multicolored identity without sharing a color with your Card A design.

Submit a card to represent the Gods return and attack on New Age Gandgoma. This should use a different card type than your Card B design.

Round 1 Entries:

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