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Beacon of Creation

Aug 10, 2022

A surprising number of very angry trees showed up to our design challenge, so we line them up and hear their complaints one by one. We've got a shrub looking for a quartet, a tree looking for some snowy peace and quiet, a five sided tree, a burning tree, a seventh tree, a wild ride, another burning tree, a decorated...

Aug 3, 2022

We're taking shelter under the yuletide tree to review your submissions for the latest design challenge! We've got double trees, angry trees, viking trees, provoking trees, flipping trees, trees for upper bodys, trees hands, giving trees, famous trees, and beastrees!

You can submit a card to our new Commonaria challenge...

Jul 27, 2022

Juliet and Kayiu hit the waves to discover some cursed omens and trusty first mates of the pirate set Dark Seas of Shiryen by CanterburyEgg, in this second episode of a mini-series exploring different exciting executions on the idea of nautical planes.


Jul 20, 2022

Kayiu gives Tim and Markus a tour of the MSE Modern format through a guessing game! MSEM is the largest custom format, encompassing ~60 sets. Kayiu brought a dozen cards and our game is to predict whether those cards matter in competitive play.

There are a bunch of wild cards this episode! Can you guess better than T&M?...

Jul 13, 2022

We've got another nine swines this week for our review of the When Pigs Fly Design Challenge! Listen in for suspended bibles, crying in the exile zone, a trip to nwotrovalf, HOPs, double bundles, and war trains.

You can submit a card to our new Christmas in July challenge on Discord: